After Lockdown Is Eased, The Highstreet Is Calling!

One thing is for sure during the corona virus epidemic and subsequent lockdown and restrictions is we will never take things for granted again. There’s an old saying “You never know what you had until it’s gone” and this rings true with the UK’s present situation. How many of us are stood at the window looking longingly at the pub or restaurant? Or maybe you’re on social media viewing memories of last year when you were out and about, maybe at your favourite holiday destination or just out for coffee with friends or family.
If you have Facebook memories set up chances are you will be reminded on a daily basis of past times and days and nights out. Now more then ever you probably feel you need a treat and day out. Maybe you have ordered a delivery from your favourite local restaurant in the hope of replicating a night out. Yes it’s nice but it’s just not the same is it. However nice the food is eating it in your home takes the edge away of the experience.

It’s the little things that maybe we took for granted that we will all be missing. The text for a quick catch up over a coffee or a last minute fancy a pint call. Small things like just sitting at your favourite coffee shop with a family member or friend. Maybe it’s the build up to a weekend night our you miss, let’s be honest a long week can be made bearable on the premise of a special treat at the weekend be it a night out or well earned dining out experience. Perhaps it’s just a simple coffee with a friend to catch up with the latest gossip.
So, what can we expect when lockdown is eased and restrictions are lifted? Well this all depends on if the bars, cafes and restaurants are allowed to open as well. We could be allowed out but what fun is walking past your favourite canal side pub on a warm sunny day when it’s closed still. So, let’s move forward on a best case scenario, one where all the leisure and retail outlets are open again in some capacity.

We would expect to see a surge in visitors to the seaside, especially with trips abroad likely to be on of the more longer term casualties of this whole affair. Day trips to the seaside are likely to surge, with people thankful for the long drive, a drive that may have put them off last year. So, the seaside naturally will become busier, especially if the good weather continues, however if lockdown is eased in November a seaside trip may not be that an attractive proposition.

We would be greatly surprised if restaurants don’t see a surge in bookings, some places like Jersey have already eased up a little allowing Al Fresco dining only. If this was to happen in the UK we would imagine it could be hit or miss and let’s not forget it all depends on the Great British weather! Al Fresco only and having tables 2 metres apart will also reduce the table allocations, meaning the supply will not be as big as the demand. Expect to find people dining our more then once a week for a while.
Cinemas can expect to see a surge also, with many blockbuster films having been delayed, some for more then a year. The usual once a month trip to the cinema could well become a weekly thing for some, especially if the blockbuster films delayed get released in close proximity to each other.

Café bars and the usual quick stop eateries can also expect to be busier than normal, especially for the first few weeks. We expect people will have compiled a lengthy to-do list of things for when lockdown is over and things return to some form of normality and who can blame them. When once we might have said we can’t we are too busy or too tired when invited out we will know more then likely say yes, remembering too well the recent times when we couldn’t.


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