Thing you really need to see in the flesh before purchasing.

We all love shopping online. It’s one of the fastest growing industries and has been for years. The ease of it, the stress free experience, no parking issues or costs, no busy high streets or crowded shops. You can see why people love shopping online and it’s definitely made life easier. From your weekly groceries to dishwashers you can purchase anything online.
There are of course certain things we would always advise you need to see in the flesh so to speak before purchasing.

Here we will go through a few examples of items maybe not suitable to be bought online without seeing first hand. Hopefully so you avoid expensive purchase mistakes. An impulse buy can be a great way to relax and get your dose of retail therapy but sometimes it can come back to haunt you.

An obvious one we think. Different manufacturers have different variations of soft, medium and firm so what’s firm to you might not be to someone else. Testing a potential new mattress is essential to make sure it’s to your liking in terms of support. You spent a 3rd of your life in bed so making sure you have the right mattress should be a top priority. It’s also a pretty big item to have delivered and then find out it’s not right for you. Always test drive your mattress before purchasing.

Whilst online furniture sales are huge we always think it takes away a lot of the risk if you go view items such as furniture in the flesh. Colour variations could be vastly different to what you see online. It’s impossible to get a good look at every angle of the item online. Nothing beats hands on touchy feely shopping when it comes to furniture. Also again it’s an awkward item to arrive only for you to decide “oh I don’t like it”.

An obvious one we think. The main aspect of choosing new paint is for the colour. Whilst modern monitors are fantastic nothing beats seeing the colour in real life. The difference could be a shade or 2 but it makes all the difference. This one sells itself we think.

Unless you have already test driven the car you are buying then buying a car online should not be in your to do list. With it being such a big purchase finance wise you also need to be sure you like the shape, model, colour and how it drives. Buying a car without even test driving it is just asking for trouble. However, if you have already chosen the model, spec and test driven the car then going online to buy the exact same version to save money is a good idea.

Again, this works both ways. If you know which one you want and have already owned it, maybe you have run out then buying online can save you money. However, if it’s new perfume then there’s a chance you may not like the smell. Besides shopping for perfume is fun comparing smells, gift ideas and the freebies of course.

Another one we think is obvious. Different bike models have different frame styles. Of course safety should play a huge part when choosing your new bike so a proper bike fitting is essential. A bike too large will mean it’s awkward when you stop risking falling off. Your balance could be affected too. Wheel sizes are different now too so an 18” bike may not be the same height as another 18” bike frame. For safety alone you should always try the bike in person for size.


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